2012 Adult Winter Sprint round 3

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F1 Boston’s Winter Adult Sprint League: Round Three Report
Braintree, MA (February 24, 2012) – Round three of F1 Boston’s Winter Adult Sprint League was held on February 20th – at the halfway point of the series the competition for season-long points race is heating up across the board. Here’s a look at the highlights:
Heavy Weight Division
            The heavyweight division featured a tie for top honors between Robert Bain and Antonio Brito, Jr., at 39 points. Bain won his first two heats and took third in the final, while Brito grabbed second in his first two heats and won the final – both earned a fast lap point. The round jumps Bain from a three-way tie for second place, to first place in the standings with 98 points. Brito bounces from sixth place to second at 91 points. Mark Morin was third in the round, earning 29 points by taking third in his final heat and fourth place in the other two, plus a fast lap point. He’s third in the standing with 88 points. Michael Medici took fourth with 25 points highlighted by winning his second heat. John Hickey was fifth with 21 points. John Chewynd (18 points in the round) is fourth in the standings at 78 points and David Burton (19 points) is fifth with
73 points.
Light Weight Division
            Steve Hathaway continues to dominate in the lightweight division – winning all three of the rounds so far. He earned 41 points in round three by winning his first two heats and placing second in his final, plus a fast lap. He’s leading the standings with 125 points – 35 points in front of the field. Nicholas Leung was next – placing second in all three of his heats and grabbing two fast lap bonus points a total of 38. Leung is second in the season points chase with 90. Kevin Willever took third in the round by winning his second heat, placing third and fourth in the other two, plus a fast lap for 33 points. He’s also third in the standings at 82. Next was Nathan Hedberg with 30 points highlighted by winning his final heat and placing third and fifth in the others. Hedberg is fourth in the season standings at 80. Brian Lech took fifth with 28 points including a victory in his final – with 72 points he’s also fifth in the standings.
Round four for the Sprint League is slated for March 5th. The F1 Boston Adult Winter League offers racing in three classes: Pro, Sprint and Rookie. Each class offers six rounds of competition – rounds include a practice session and three races. Points are earned towards a season-ending Final Championship Race, with the top 6 drivers in each weight class advancing to the Finals. The format includes one race drop; five of the six rounds count towards determining who makes it to the Championships. All races take place at F1 Boston, a state-of-the-art facility featuring two top-notch, European styled courses. Here are the current Pro League standings:
F1 Boston Winter Sprint League – HW Division
Place      Driver                                 Rd 1         Rd2         Rd 3        Total
1.            Robert Bain                        28            31            39            98
2.            Antonio Brito, Jr.                33            19             39            91
3.            Mark Morin                         25            34            29            88
4.            John Chetwynd                  30            30            18            78
5.            David Burton                      21            33            19            73
6.            Michael Medici                   36             --             25            61
7.            John Hintze                        32            27             --             59
8.            John Hickey                        11            20            21            52
8.            Chris Catalano                   15            24            13            52
10.          James Shepard                   --            14            20            34           
F1 Boston Winter Sprint League – LW Division
Place      Driver                            Rd 1         Rd 2        Rd 3        Total
1.            Steve Hathaway            43            41            41            125
2.            Nicholas Leung             20            32             38            90
3.            Kevin Willever               27            22             33            82
4.            Nathan Hedberg           25             25            30             80
5.            Brian Lech                     24            20            28            72
6.            Steve Maka                   24            21            21            66
7.            Gabriel Ash                   23            22            20            65
8.            Justin McCarthy            20            17            16            53
9.            Anthony Autiello            14            07            26            47
10.            Mike Geer                    --             22            17            39
11.            Theresa Condit            11            15             --             26
League standings can be found at www.F1Boston.com/league_results.htm.
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