2012 Jr. Winter League Rd 5

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F1 Boston Winter/Spring Junior League Race Report: Round 5
Braintree, MA (March 13, 2012) – F1 Boston’s Junior League hit the half way point recently with the fifth round of competition and across all classes the racing was, once again, intense and entertaining. Here’s a look at the highlights:
The standings remain close at the top of Group 1AA with the top three drivers separated by just eight points. In the round, Jason Cheal took the victory with 35 points by winning his first heat, placing second in the other two and also grabbing three fast lap points. Cheal also takes sole possession of the top spot in the standings with 126 points. Kevin Manning and Nathan Laverdure tied for second place, just a point back at 34. Manning won his first and third heats, took third in the middle heat and earned two fast laps – he’s second in the standings, just a point off the pace at 125. Laverdure won his final two heats and placed second in heat #1 – at 118 he’s third in the standings. Derek Creutz was fourth, placing second, third and fourth in his heats for 24 points. Creutz is fifth in the points chase with 101. Isabelle Beecy and Dexter Czuba tied for fifth in the round with 18 points each. At 110, Joe Acero (15 points in round 5) is fourth in the standings.
In Group 1A, Jakob Richardson took top honors with 30 points powered by winning his second heat and placing second and third in the others. The victory moves Richardson from fifth to second in the standings with a total of 109 points. Jake Yazijian took second place and 23 points highlighted by second place in his middle heat and third in heat #1. He’s third in the points chase with 108, just a point behind Richardson.  Joe Scott placed third in the round grabbing 22 points fueled by placing second in his middle heat and third in his final.  Four drivers – Christian Rogers, Ryan Haartz, Evan Phillips and Danny Rounds – tied for fourth place with 21 points.  Rogers, whose round included a win in his first heat, leads in the season standings with 135 points. Luke Marcheski (12 points in the round) is fourth in the standings with 103 points and Austin Nelson (19 points) is fifth at 100.
Group 1B saw another thrilling round with the top five drivers separated by just two points. Kendra Levesque and Brandon Haley tied for the top spot with 30 points in the round. Levesque took first in her second heat plus second and third in the others – she’s moves up to second place in the standings with 119 points. Haley won his second race, took second in his first heat and earned two fast laps. He’s tied for third in the standings with Corey Dron at 118. Second place was a three-way tied at 28 by Wallef Nogueira, Karlin Levesque and Simon Steele. All three won a heat and placed second in another.
Christian Abate scored 24 points in the round and stays on top in Group 1B’s season-long points chase. With 116 points, Deanna Horacio (22 points in the round including a victory in her first heat) is fifth in the standings at 116.
Matthew Stearns took the victory in Group 2AA, winning his first and third heats, placing second in the middle race and grabbing a fast lap bonus point for a total of 29. He remains on top of the leader board with 111 points. Austin Cederquist was second with 25 points taking second place in his first two heats, third in his final, plus three fast laps. Ryan Kuhn placed third, winning his middle heat, taking second in his final plus a fast lap for 23 points. Kuhn is fifth in the standings at 83. At 20 points, Fiachra Quinn and Bruno Epstein tied for fourth with each winning a heat and placing fourth in the others. Quinn moves up to third in the standings with 88 points. Josh Melnick, with 19 points in the round, is second in the standings at 94 points and Dylan Villa (13 points) is fourth with 85.
For the third round in a row, Michael Toner earned the victory in Group 2A. In this round he won the middle heat and placed second in the others, plus two fast laps for 28 points. He remains in the series lead with 104 points. Roee Meyuhas was next powered by winning the final heat, placing second in heat #1 and fourth in the middle race for 23 points. At 98 points, Meyuhas maintains second place in the points chase. Cameron Dunlap was third with 20 points highlighted by winning his final heat. Colin McMullen took fourth by placing top five on all three of his heats, plus two fast laps – he’s tied with Ryan Locke (16 points in the round) at 76 points in fourth place for the season. Evan Dawley and Joshua Fastert tied for fifth at 17 points – Fastert won his first heat, while Dawley placed top five in all three. Dawley is third on the leader board at 83. 
In 2B Jack Bennett made a charge, winning all three of his heats as well as grabbing two fast lap points to earn 32 – the round moves him into the standings lead with 130 points. Ethan Kmiecik was second with 25 points by winning his middle heat and placing second and third in the others, plus a fast lap. Next was Jonathan Trieloff, highlighted by winning his first two heats and earning a fast lap for 24 points. Jack George took fourth with 22 points, grabbing second place finishes in his first and third runs. Quinn Yardley rounded out the fast five with 21 points, including a win in his final heat of the round. Haydon Duffy (16 points in the round) is tied for second place in the standings with Reagan Parent, each at 102. Thomas Briggs (15 points) is fourth and Raymond Parent is fifth, 98 and 93 points respectively.
In Group 3A Alec Schmidt came out on top, earning 26 points by winning the final heat, placing second and third in the others, plus two fast lap points. With 124 points, he remains first in the series standings. Michael Pedro was second, winning heat #2, placing second in the final and fourth in the first heat for 23 points – he’s fourth in the standings at 53. Ronan Quinn took third with 20 points highlighted by winning the first heat. Quinn is second in the standings with 111 points. Egan Wong scored 18 points and fourth in the round. Joey DeAscentis rounded out the scoring with 15 points; he’s third in the series standings at 95. Mason Lukowski has 50 points for fifth place in the standings.
Danielle Lawton posted a clean sweep in 3B, winning all three of her heats, plus a fast lap for 31 points. The victory puts her at 110 points for the season and moves her into second place in the standings. Ryan MacDonald earned 26 points and second place, powered by winning his middle heat, placing second in his final, fourth in heat #1, plus three fast laps. At 116 points, MacDonald remains on top of the leader board. Ido Meyuhas was third with 22 points, placing second in two heats and third in the other. Charlie Marcheski was next, placing third in the first two and second in his final heat for 20 points. With 87 points, Marcheski is fourth in the standings. Alyssa Abbate took fifth place with 15 points – top five in all three of her heats. She’s third in the standings at 89. With 80 points, Nehal Ramluken is fifth for the series.
Junior League competitors may enter as many rounds as desired – drivers competing for the season championships must attend at least 7 rounds. Points in each round are awarded to the by the top 10 finishers in descending order, with the drivers turning in the fastest lap in each race picking up an extra point. The top 6 drivers from each class will earn a spot in the Season Finale. Standing are updated after each event and can be found at www.F1Boston.com/league_results.htm. The League is open to all drivers with F1 Boston Junior
Competition License that have completed an F1 Boston Junior Novice Racing Academy or Camp.

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