Endurance Series Round 3 Report

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F1 Boston 2010 Endurance Race Series Round 3 In the Books
90 Minute, Joint Track Enduro Taken By Team Hammer
Braintree, MA (June 24, 2010) – Round 3 in the F1 Boston 2010 Endurance Series took place on Monday, June 21st, featuring a dominant performance by Team Hammer drivers Jay Hanscom and Steve Hathaway. Competing in the 90-minute joint track format, Team Hammer laid down the fastest lap – 36.455 seconds – and took the victory by a whopping 2 laps. Second place, and second best lap (37.205), went to the Karts of Thunder team of Jose Pimentel, Erik Askin and Raj Kothapalli. Milan and Thomas Humpplik – the DUI team – took third; Team DB2 and Highway Robbery rounded out the top 5, respectively.
The fourth and final regular series event will take place on July 12th with the teams vying to qualify for a championship round that features a 3-hour contest at F1 Boston’s sister track, the world-class F1 Outdoors in Bridgewater, Mass. The top 4 teams from each round will earn spots in the Championship Event, slated for July 31st. Entry fees are $300 per team, per round; teams are permitted to enter as many or as few races
as they wish.
F1 Boston will also host a 90-minute stand alone Endurance Race on August 16th. For more information call F1 Boston’s Leagues and Schools Office at 781.228.2050 or visit F1 Boston Endurance Series.