Press Release
Jul 7, 2014
Alan Pope (HW) and Jacob Scott (LW) Earn Top Honors

East Bridgewater, MA (July 7, 2014) – The third round of F1 Boston’s Summer Outdoor League took place last week and we’re in the midst of another great season entertaining race action.  This adult league features 6 rounds of racing in two weight divisions with each round consisting of a practice session and three 12-lap heats on F1 Outdoors’ Grand Prix course.  Each driver’s best 5 rounds will count towards the League Championship, with the top 3 drivers in each class earning trophies or discounts towards future competition. Here’s a round up of the action:

In the heavyweight division Alan Pope had an impressive round to claim his second straight victory, earning 43 points by winning the first and final heats, finishing second in heat #2 plus three fast laps. With 86 points, Pope is in second place, just 2 points behind leader Shaun Abbate in the season-long standings.  In the round, Abbate landed second at 32 by winning the middle heat, taking second in the final and fifth in heat #1.  Jim Cipullo was third with 26 points powered by second place in heat #1 and third in the final – with 84 points he’s also third for the season.  Alan Morrison and Harry drove to a fourth place tie, each earning 22 points.  Morrison’s round was highlighted by third place in heat #2 and fourth in heat #1, while Parker was third in heat #1 and fifth in the others.  Morrison is fourth in the standings with 74 points; Christopher Tibbetts (20 points in the round) is fifth with 59.

Jacob Scott grabbed his second victory of the season in lightweight – he earned 41 points by winning the first and final heats, placing second in heat #2 plus a fast lap.  Scott has 106 points for the season – an 18-point cushion over the field.  Mark Keene was second with 33 points powered by placing second in heat #1 followed by third place in the final two heats – with 72 points he’s is fourth in the standings.  Nathan Laverdure earned 27 points and third place by winning the middle heat and taking fourth in heat #1. Laverdure is second for the season with 84 points.  Peter Sigourney was next with 24 points after finishing second in the final heat and fourth in heat #2 – with 71 points he’s fifth in standings, just a point behind Keene.  Luiz Junior rounded out the fast five with 19 points earned by placing third in heat #1 and fifth in the final plus a fast lap. Alex Gomes (14 points) is third for the season with 74 points.

League standings can be found in Racing & Leagues section.