Press Release
Jul 22, 2014
Jim Cipullo Heavyweight & Alex Gomes Prevail

East Bridgewater, MA (July 22, 2014) – The fifth round of F1 Boston’s Summer Outdoor League took place last week with another exciting round of great racing. Each of the six rounds in the outdoor league consists of a practice session and three 12-lap heats on F1 Outdoors’ Grand Prix course.  Each driver’s best 5 rounds will count towards the League Championship, with the top 3 drivers in each class earning trophies or discounts towards future competition. Here’s a round up of the action:

In the heavyweight division Jim Cipullo landed on top for the third time this season with a dominating performance – he won all three heats plus a fast lap to earn 43 points.  With 160 points, Cipullo has a 25-point cushion on the field with just one round left this season.  Christopher Tibbetts scored 33 points to grab second place by taking second in the first two heats, then fourth in the final plus a fast lap – he’s fifth in the standings with 110 points.  Alan Morrison was third with 28 points by landing second in the final, third in heat #1 and fifth in the middle run. Morrison has 135 points and second place in the season-long points chase.  Troy Carlo was next with 25 points powered by grabbing third place in the final two heats.  Jared Levine was fifth with 21 points and Harry Parker rounded out the scoring with 18.  Alan Pope is third for the season with 113 points; Shaun Abbate is a point back in fourth place.

Alex Gomes earned his second victory of the season in Lightweight by winning the final two heats after landing third in heat #1 plus all three fast laps to earn 41 points – with 145 points he moves into second place in the standings.  There was a second place tie at 30 between Peter Sigourney and Luis Junior.  Sigourney won the first heat and placed four in the others, while Junior grabbed second in first two heats then fifth in the final.  Sigourney is fifth in the standings with 116 points.  Jacob Scott was fourth with 23 points highlighted by taking third in the final and fourth in heat #1 – with 163 he remains atop the leader board.  Mark Keene was fifth with 22 points featuring a second place result in the final.  Keene is fourth in the standings with 118; Nathan Laverdure (17 points in the round) is third for the season with 122.

League standings can be found on our racing and leagues page.